Zidane Responds Bad Performance Benzema

Zidane Responds Bad Performance Benzema

Real Madrid seem to be hit by an unusual problem this season, whereas the team experienced serious problems, especially in the front line is very dull Bossjudi88.com.

The reason, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema just scored one goal in La Liga so far. And for the class of Los Blancos, that figure is definitely very bad both for the size of the players themselves.

This makes Benzema get more criticism because in addition to diarea attack, he did not contribute more for the team. Ronaldo is still forgiven for his frequent retreat and pick up the ball.

However, Zinedine Zidane has not yet given a reason for his decision to keep playing Benzema.

“The Benzema problem is a collection of things. But he was the first person who always wanted to give more for the team. He knows he can contribute more. But it can also be seen otherwise, we pre coach always try to help all players. We all feel better, “Zidane told local media.

“Confidence will produce goals. You can not say he played bad all this time. When talking about goals, attackers usually only need to score one goal to be able to lure other goals. The sterility is over. We hope Benzema’s sterility ends tomorrow. “

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