Guardiola wants David Silva to sign new contract

Guardiola wants David Silva to sign new contract

Pep Guardiola revealed that he was very happy when David Silva signed a new contract at Manchester City

The Spanish midfielder is currently negotiating a new contract with the management team, given the deal that tied it now will end at the end of next season.

Meanwhile, the former retainer of Valencia was speaking last month about his ambition to fulfill his career to 10 years in Manchester and won the Champions League with klib.

Until then there has been no new news about Silva’s cons, but Guardiola feels confident if City can defend the midfielder.

“What I like most about him is that he’s a bit serious, shy, but competitive. He was aggressive in winning duel, and more technical. I really admire it, “said Guardiola told local media.

“He is perfect for Spanish football, but he really is the legend of this club. What he has done will be included in the club’s history record. And I hope he continues to stay here. He will play a vital role, especially when the club is entering a difficult moment. “

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