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The Coleman Irish Music Centre, located in Gurteen, Co. Sligo is a celebration of Irish Music, Culture and Heritage. Here, the music of Michael Coleman and other traditional musicians of the area can be heard and played and learned. It is a living tradition An Tradisiun Beo.
City of Birmingham's Irish Centre
The Big Bands Database: An ongoing project dedicated to Bands; to Jazz and to Swing History, and to the music now known to the the world as "American Popular Song".
Information on Co Mayo, Ireland
Visit the Irish Chat room where you are sure to meet someone with Irish roots! Often you will be able to chat with people in Ireland as more people there are using the Internet - so who knows - you may even meet a long lost Irish cousin!!
Welcome to the Irish Family History Foundation's presence on the Internet - your gateway to discovering all about your Irish ancestry, roots, genealogy and family history from anywhere in Ireland. We cover the 32 counties of Ireland, North, South, East and West.
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Maybe you're far from home. Maybe you've read Frank McCourt's book Angela's Ashes and feel drawn to Limerick or maybe you'd just like to see a street or locality in Limerick on the web.
The term "Celtic music" is rather vague: it can reasonably be connected to the traditional music of the countries which speak Celtic languages: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany (in France) and Galitia (in Spain), but also to the music of those geographic regions that have been influenced by Celtic culture, such as the United States and some regions of Canada. The term comprises also the most recent musical forms based on the typical characteristics of the Celtic tradition. The Celtic music page. from: Alfredo from Palermo, Sicily, Italy
The next time you want to tell an Irish joke tell one that reflects the humour and nature of Irish people. Forget the " How many Irish electricians " type of joke. These jokes are easily changed to ridicule any ethnic group. On this site I want to present alternatives to " Insulting Irish Jokes ". I have presented pages of jokes that   reflect the humour and nature of the Irish. I also wish to present some success stories about Irish people in all walks of life.  Literature,   Actors,  Music, History,  Politics, Travel and more are presented on this site.